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Five of Carlos' favourite harmonica recordings with a brief description of each. Courtesy of Richard Hunter

Diatonic Harmonica Reference Page, probably the most complete web site compiled by one person with thorough writings on the subjects such as the mechanics of the harmonica to how to do overblows.

Lone Wolf pedals They just make great pedals for all things harmonica. I use the Harp Octave as a way to enhance the highs and lows of your signal (this is NOT an "octave" pedal giving you an extra note an octave lower) a bit and to control the amount of distortion; used judiciously, this works really well, especially for larger amps when you wnat to get some break up at a lower volume.

The Harp Attack is a great pedal to always have on hand and which gives the best amp like sound (with a real micro tube in the cicuitry) plugging straight into the PA if you don't have access to a good amp. It can also make an unforgiving guitar amp playable by controlling the input, tone, and overdrive knobs to either tame a too bright amp or add beef up a too clean amp.

Blows Me Away Productions does great things with all things harp microphones. I have their Bulletini when I want to get a more old school sound and is great for people like me who have lousy hand technique. Ie, I've mostly used stick mics like the Electro-voice RE10 but since the Bulletini has a small profile, it's easier to get good compression from it. Sounds great plugged into any amp.

Marble Amps. Fantastic tone in a variety of sizes. I use for big stages here in North America the 4x10 version of the 60 watt Harpmaster and in Europe for more acoustic gigs, I use a 7.5 watt Max with a 10" speaker. In Finland, I have been using a 15 watt 2x8 Bluesonic with a full electric band set up with great results. AJ Folkerts really knows his amps!

Di Mambro Amps Introducing the "Little Boss", a fantastic 5 watt amp lovingly handmade in Italy by harp player and artisan Federico Di Mambro. Sounds great with any mic you plug into it, whether it is a super clean dynamic or a vintage Crystal mic, you can still always get very close to "that" old Chess recording sound. Tubes: 5Y3 rectifier, 6v6, 12ax7. Paper/oil wrapped transformers are wound by hand. Point to point wired on diaelectric board. With a Jensen Alnico P10R speaker. And finally, lovingly constructed with a beautiful vintage vibe to the "tv" style cabinet. Check out Federico playing thru one. I used the Little Boss on two songs on the CD Mongrel Mash, "Slick", and "A Fool's Alibi".

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Toronto Blues Society Local member profiles, concert listings, TOP 20, and new releases. Where is Carlos playing tonight?

Harmonica discussion group, Harp-L is a public forum for free speech on all topics concerning harmonicas. Follow instructions for signing up.
An online Harmonica Club providing lessons songs and tabs. The harmonica portal featuring a daily feed from Harp-L, links to amp and microphone auctions, gigs, open mics, Internet blues stations, festivals, organizations, education, harp specific search engines, and more. Your door into the Harmonica Universe: make it your home page! Jane did a guest appearance on Carlos' release Up And At 'Em on the tune How High The Moon. Very sweet and cool. Listen to this

The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica
A Michigan Nonprofit Organization Founded in 1963 SPAH mail to: SPAH, Inc., P.O.Box 865, Troy, MI 48099-0865 SPAH email to:

The Harper's International Gig List of Harmonica gigs of various harp players worldwide.

Vintage mic and amp collection Beautiful collection of of photos and descriptions of varios old mics and amps and harmonica stuff compiled lovingly by Dave Barrett.

King Biscuit Time Page The Grandaddy of the blues Web Pages. All the latest releases, profiles of many artists, excellent selection of sound files and more. Links to blues festivals, societies, local clubs and organizations, and blues labels. Go There Now!

Online harmonica lessons in Spanish